• Category / Instrument
    Viola, tuba and electronics
  • Duration
  • Commissioned by
    Ensemble intercontemporain
  • Dedication
    to Gérard Buquet and Garth Knox
  • Published
  • Premiere
    ARC-Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
    Gérard Buquet (tuba), Garth Knox (viola)


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Assonance IV


Articulated in four sections, characterized by a long upbeat and a short downbeat for the first two, by an essay into the static, the memory of vestige of movement for the last two, this work recaptures the austerity and scrutiny of a score like Eco. "The colour of the sound is therefore the big picture, of which one region is constituted by the pitch of the sound. This last criteria is nothing other than the colour of the sound measured in one direction" writes Schoenberg at the end of his Treatise on Harmony. Assonance IV carves the reverberation of a sound within a tessitura and modifies the nature of a timbre or colour by a harmonic adjustment, conferring to the interval a structural, timbral and contrapuntal function, in the sense of a counterpoint reborn note against note.

Laurent Feneyrou,
translated by Stefan Rice
extract from the booklet (CD Accord)


1 CD Accord, 465 309-2
Chaque jour n'est qu'une trêve entre deux nuits - Rhizomes - Assonance IV - Congruences
Ensemble intercontemporain, P. Eötvös

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