• Category / Instrument
    Percussion and orchestra
    3(2picc).3(ca).3(clB).3(Cbn) / / 3perc / hp / pno / strings
  • Duration
  • Commissioned by
    Yasuko Miyamoto
  • Published
  • Premiere
    Volkshaus, Bâle (Switzerland)
    Yasuko Miyamoto (percussion)
    Basler Sinfinieorchester
    Bernhard Wulff (conductor)


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...Un long fracas somptueux de rapide c├ęleste...


The basic idea for the opening of the work was to start with a short and powerful "primal explosion" that would reappear throughout the piece in different forms, more or less regularly. This "art of punctuation" is the foundation of all musical ideas, and I had been looking for a title that would express it for a long time. It was then that I discovered Julien Gracq's very beautiful book, Un Balcon en forêt. The text describes the beginning of a battle on the Meuse river, and the way the surrealist author described the din of the cannons struck me immediately - that way of describing something so brutal and terrifying with such poetry and such expressive strength is definitely remarkable: a long sumptuous din of celestial rapids.

Michael Jarrell

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